Ann Sobrato High School Farm

Ann Sobrato High School Demonstration Farm


Ann Sobrato High School is located in the Coyote Valley, in the northern part of Morgan Hill, CA.

The Discover Coyote Valley team is working with the high school’s farm and their Future Farmers of America program to build up the school’s farm and farm resources. The farm will expand out to 10 acres next to the school, with beneficial hedgerows that line the farm to act as windbreaks, attract pollinators and provide valuable natural resource functions to the farm.

Future Farmers of America

Hedgerow orchard planting

Sobrato HS student planting trees in the hedgerow

Ann Sobrato High School has one of the largest Future Farmers of America (FFA) programs in the country. Students work on the school farm with crop cultivation and animal husbandry. The school has a great FFA student led leadership team and are passionate about pursuing school work in conjunction with farm work.

Since the program opened 10 years ago, FFA has made tremendous and significant strides in educating Ann Sobrato High School’s students about the importance of agriculture for the United States and for the world. Its membership has grown from 150 ag students to over 500 and they are still making steps towards a bigger and better FFA chapter.

Read about Discover Coyote Valley’s visit to the FFA show day last July, 2014, in preparation for their presentations at the Santa Clara County Fair!

For any other information you’d like to know about the chapter, you can contact any of the 4 advisors. In addition, the new officer team is happy to talk to you about what FFA means to its students:  President – Zuha Aslam; Vice President – Mitch Juarez;   Secretary – Ashley Santos; and Treasurer – Ixel Vazquez. Contact to get a listing of advisors.


Hedgerow Work at the Farm

Ann Sobrato High School students are working on planting hedgerows around their demonstration farm.

Hedgerows are rows of native plants along farms that work to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, protect farm crops from wind and harmful insects, and serve as natural resource enhancement that can provide habitat and filter out farm inputs from impacting the surrounding land.
There are currently two hedgerows in development a the High School farm, a pollinator hedgerow and a windbreak hedgerow.
Ann Sobrato High School is working to build their pollinator hedgerow. On Friday, April 17, students planted a mix of fruit trees, perennial herbs and native plants into a freshly bedded up hedgerow planting strip alongside the student farm.