Discover Coyote Valley was initiated as part  of a broader project, Revitalizing Specialty Crop Agriculture in the Valley of the Heart’s Delight: a Model for Linked Urban-Rural Sustainability, funded by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Specialty Crop Block Grant program.  This project, which concluded in 2015, was managed by SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) and  guided by the Coyote Valley Agricultural Enterprise and Conservation program (COVAEC) Advisory Committee. (See Partners.)

SAGE is now continuing to manage the Discover Coyote Valley website as part of its ongoing involvement with the Coyote Valley  stakeholders group and the I Love Coyote Valley campaign.   SAGE’s main current focus in the Santa Clara County, is on a related project – Food Works: Assessing Local Local Food as a Driver to Make San Jose a Healthier, More Vibrant City.   This project seeks to connect current City and County initiatives in healthy food access, marketing, sourcing, urban agriculture incentive zones and other food sectors to City planning, economic and community development, and public health goals.

In 2012, SAGE produced the Sustaining Agriculture and Conservation in the Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study, a two year multi-stakeholder effort which assessed the potential for creating a sustainable agriculture resource area within the Coyote Valley. Funded by the California Coastal Conservancy, the Study investigated existing conditions and concluded that it is feasible to sustain agriculture and conservation in the Coyote Valley, provided stakeholders take significant, strategic action. Through the Revitalizing Specialty Crop Agriculture and Food Works  projects, SAGE is working with key partners to begin implementation of the Study’s long-term vision:

The Coyote Valley is home to a regionally significant agricultural resource area that contains important farmland and key habitat; supports livelihoods for its farmers, ranchers and agricultural employees; provides healthy food and a recreational amenity for Bay Area communities; and protects important ecological and cultural resources of the region.

Discover Coyote Valley staff and consultants:

Sibella Kraus, SAGE President –  Project Director, Revitalizing Specialty Crop Agriculture in the Valley of the Hearts’ Delight

Noreen Rei Fukumori, Discover Coyote Valley logo design, website banner design

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